Surgiclean Collagen Essence

Surgiclean Collagen Essence



Surgiclean Collagen Essence

In 28 Days, Create Your Young Face

Skin Problem

Flimsy / Red and Swollen

Lack of Moisture

Dry and Causing Tension

Hard to Absorb Nutrient


Moisturize Well

High Skin Affinity

Good Thermal Stability

Small Molecular Weight

Multi Collagen Long-lasting Hydrating skin

Surface Skin Layer: Large Molecule Collagen- Hydrating and Forming a Protective Film on The Skin

Middle Skin Layer: Small Molecule Collagen – Relieves Sensitivity and Promotes Collagen Synthesis

Bottom Skin Layer: Collagen Polypeptide – Directly Reach The Bottom of The Skin, Repair The Skin, Make The Skin Moist and Elastic

a. Anti-wrinkle and firming

Extract fish scale collagen, firm skin, and fade wrinkles

b. Moisturize

Rich moisturizing factor moistens the Skin base, alleviates Skin dryness

c. Red face repair.

Use for about 4 weeks can effectively reduce the content of heme in the skin

Main Material

sodium citrate

Dilute fine lines, accelerate cuticle renewal, and improve skin texture.


Powerfully moisturizes, keeps skin moisturized and smooth, and dissolves skin impurities.

The issues you care about

Q: The order of using essence

A: It is recommended to use it before lotion or cream or mix it with regular skin care products, such as lotion, cream, body lotion, etc.

Product Information:

Specification: 30g / bottle

Ingredients: Water, soluble collagen, glycerin, sodium citrate, etc

Efficacy: Moisturizing, Repairing, Anti-wrinkle, Firming

Note: Do not use it who is fish scale collagen allergy


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