SKFORMULA Collagen Lotion

Enjoy refreshing and hydrated skin

Refreshing and hydrating / relieve dryness

Lock water molecules and Moisturizing



SKFORMULA Collagen Lotion

Fish Scale Collagen * The secret of a refreshing touch of moisture

Multiple moisturizing factors / Replenishes skin with lots of moisture

Glycerin –  Lock in skin moisture / Reduce skin moisture loss

Butanediol – Hydrate and lock in moisture / Continuously delivers skin moisture


“Daily toning”

Relieve Skin dryness and roughness

“Secondary cleansing”

Wet cotton pad / Gently wipe to clean skin

“Wet compress to hydrate”

Dry and flaky skin caused by changing seasons and exposure to the sun / Wet a cotton pad to moisturize


step 1 – Pour the bottle with one hand to allow the lotion to fully soak into the cotton pad

step2 – Apply the cotton pad to your face for 10-15 minutes, then gently remove it

step3 – Follow up with moisturizing cream products to lock in hydration


Q:What season is it suitable for use?

A: As a daily basic moisturizer, it can be used all year round. It can be used with subsequent lotions, essences, creams and other products according to the season and efficacy needs to further maintain the skin.

Q: What is the hydrating effect of this lotion?

A: This lotion contains moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin and fish scale collagen. Long-term use can improve skin dehydration, dryness, and other problems.


product information

SKFORMULA Collagen lotion / 400ml/bottle

Product efficacy: hydrating and moisturizing

Core ingredients: water, glycerin, fish scale collagen

Suitable skin type: Dry skin, oily skin, combination skin

Suggestions for use: Use every morning and evening





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