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May 4, 2021
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May 4, 2021

Singclean Medical Sodium HA For Ophthalmic Surgery

Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Gel Being widely used for viscoelastic solution for ophthalmic surgery, joint protection of articular cartilage and anti-adhesion in abdominal and pelvic surgery, this line of products are animal-origin free medical polymer materials extracted and refined by high-tech bio-engineering from streptococcal fermentation metabolites with high viscoelasticity, lubricity, physical alterability and good biocompatibility.


Singclean medical HA for ophthalmic surgery is a colorless and transplant gel of high purity and idea viscoelastic.


Singclean medical sodium HA for ophthalmic surgery is a colorless and transplant gel of high purity and idea viscoelastic.



It can be applied for conjunctival surgery, corneal surgery, anterior chamber and iris surgery, cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, retinal detachment surgery, vitreous surgery, extraocular muscle surgery, eyeball socket surgery, extirpation of ocular foreign body, ocular plasty, anteriormal haemorrhage and so on. It can reduce the damages caused by instruments during the ophthalmic surgery.


Mechanism of Singclean

1, Maintaining and deepening the anterior chamber is conducive to surgical operation and reducing the possibility of intraocular injury.

2, Maintain good intraocular pressure.

3, High viscoelastic viscosity, which can promote the separation of adhesive blood clots and reduce the difficulty of surgery.

4, Lubrication is conducive to the expulsion of blood clots and eye tissue debris.

5, viscous hemostatic function, pressure on the surface of the iris capillaries, to prevent bleeding

6, promote wound healing, prevent contact adhesion, reduce scar formation.



Why choose us?

1, Safe: sodium hyaluronate from bacterial fermentation, no animal-origin ingredient, no side effects.

2, High viscoelastic: excellent capacity to maintain anterior chamber space. Better protection for corneal endothelium, easy use in operation

3, Easy for storage: no need for cold storage, it can be stored in room temperature.



1ml; 2ml







Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, We manufacture products in our factory located in Hangzhou.


Q: What’s your main markets?

A: Europe, Asia, Central and South America, MENA, etc.


Q: What is your delivery term?

A: We accept FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.


Q: What is the payment term?

A: We receive T/T, Western Union, Paypal, etc.


Q: Will you supply samples for test the quality?

A: We can send you paid or free samples for test , but the clients pay the express charge.

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