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May 10, 2021
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May 10, 2021

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Stop Bleeding Products

Surgiclean® Absorbable Hemostatic Particles, honored as “Zhejiang High-Quality Manufactured Products” and “ Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Products”, is prepared with potato starch as raw materials using emulsification crosslinking technology. Hemostasis is successfully achieved within 3 minutes and degradation in the bodies initiates after hemostasis and finishes within 7 days. Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose products, made from specialty fiber through oxidation and trimming, are smart hemostatics decomposed and absorbed synchronized with the healing process of human tissues and can be divided into gauze, fibrils and particles, useful for stopping capillary, venous or arterial bleeding.


1. What is Quickclean ®? Oxidized regenerated gauze Absorptive regenerated gauze Certification ISO13485, ISO9001 Specification Absorptive gauze of oxidized regenerated cellulose 5×5cm 5×7.5cm 5×8cm 5×10cm 5×25cm 5×30cm 5×35cm 10×10cm 10×20cm 30×30cm 30×50cm 22.5×22.5cm 2. When should consider…





2. When should consider Quickclean®?

Various surgical operation

Therapeutic efficacy

Scope of application

As an auxiliary hemostatic, oxidized regenerated cellulose can be used in a variety of surgeries. The product demonstrates good effect in stopping capillary, venous or arterial bleeding beyond the control of traditional bleeding-stopping methods such as ligation.

3. How to use Quickclean® ?


4. Why choose Quickclean ®?


5.Important Safety Information



6. Our service

We can specially make the products per customers’ specification

We can offer OEM service with customers’ private brands and labels

We can offer excellent after-sale service and professional technical support

7. FAQ

1. What is oxidized regenerated cellulose ?

Carboxyl cellulose, hemostatic gauze

2. Degradation in vivo?

30 days the gauze completely absorbed in the body, and the specific absorption time and is related to the size of the wound, gauze dosage, the site of the wound, the patient’s own situation.

3. Which certificates you have?

We already get ISO13485 and ISO9001.

8.Preparation method of sodium hyaluronate gel

The invention provides a preparation method of a sodium hyaluronate gel, which comprises the following steps: 1) containing sodium hyaluronate, a crosslinking agent, and an alkaline pH value of 9-13, in an agate mortar Crush or grind stainless steel, grind uniform transparent powder, the mass percentage of sodium hyaluronate in the mixture is 15-30%; 2) extrude the powder mixture into a group by high-speed centrifuge, the centrifugal speed is 5000-10000 rpm; ), standing at room temperature; 4), dialysis balance, dialysis in 30-50 ° C PBS buffer, bulk sodium hyaluronate in the dialysate PBS in gel temperature, intermolecular cross-linking reaction rapid movement, continue dialysis And the crosslinking reaction is gradually terminated to prepare a sodium hyaluronate gel.

9.Preparation method of regenerated cellulose absorbable hemostatic agent

The invention provides a preparation method of regenerated cellulose absorbable hemostatic agent, which is suitable for the use of clinical operation, convenient operation, improved oxidation process of existing regenerated cellulose absorbable hemostatic material, and high cost and high solution. The process of pollution and high consumables. serious problem. The invention is filled with cyclohexane in a container, sealed in a nitrogen dioxide gas dissolved in the blowing carding mechanism; a regenerated cellulose fiber layer is prepared and cut into the reaction vessel; after the cyclohexane reaction, the cyclohexane is stored. Into the reactor, the next row is then returned to the reservoir; the alcohol is washed with an oxidation product reactor to dehydrate the product; the dehydrated product is used for blasting and vacuum drying to remove alcohol, absorbable hemostatic material. The production efficiency of the present invention is similar to the production efficiency of the conventional method. The product is easy to decompose and is used in clinical applications. It also reduces production costs, reduces environmental pollutant emissions, is more uniform and controllable, and is suitable for industrial production.

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