Neutralizing Antibody Test Kit

COVID-19 Neutralizing Antibody Test Kit (Colloidal Gold) is a solid phase immunochromatographic assay for the rapid ,qualitative detection of Neutralizing Antibody of COVID-19 in human whole blood/se-rum/plasma. This test provides only a preliminary test result.


The COVID-19 is global pandemic poses a great threat and challenge to people around the world. Thousands of people are suffering from the epidemic. Although the emerging vaccine has been widely used around the world, the stability of the vaccine has not been consolidated due to the tight time and constrained environment. Therefore, it is very important to test whether the vaccine is effective. SingClean’s neutralizing antibody test kit is a colloidal gold immunochromatography designed to detect neutralizing antibodies against COVID-19 that is a rapid and qualitative test kit for the efficacy of a vaccine.

What is the Neutralizing Antibody Detections Kit?

Blood, serum and plasma samples collected will be tested with  Neutralizing Antibody Test Kit antibody detection reagents to confirm whether the vaccine is effective,and can alsobe used for immunotesting.If someone is infected with COVID-19, the Neutralizing Antibodies will appear soon. Neutralizing antibodies normally develop within 28 days of vaccination and 42 days with inactivated COVID-19 vaccine.The test kit takes only 10 minutes to operate, making it a quick and sensitive initial test.

Vaccine Popular Science
Vaccine is by simulating the pathogen invasion, enter human body caused by immune response, prompting the body immune system cherish antibodies, the formation of memory T cells, B cells and memory when the real pathogen invasion, there have been the neutralizing antibody can be attached to a pathogen, prevent pathogens, with receptors on cells to prevent the pathogen infect cells.



Product operation process

First at all, keeping the temperature constant, then massage the finger abdomen, and then draw blood with alcohol disinfectant tablets and needle into the fingers of the abdomen.The blood is then wiped with sterile dry cotton balls.Finally, disposable microtubules were used to suck blood.

Test Procedure




Interpretation Of Results

If the result shows only one bar at C, then there is no neutralizing antibody to COVID-19 in the specimen.

In addition to the presence of two bars at C and T, the result indicates the presence of a neutralizing antibody in the specimen, and the result is a positive neutralizing antibody


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