Absorbable Hemostat For Surgeries With CE
Surgiclean Absorbable Hemostatic Powder
May 10, 2021
Absorbable Hemostat For Surgeries With CE
Absorbable Hemostat For Surgeries With CE
May 10, 2021

Effective Hemostatic Gauze

Stop Bleeding Products

Surgiclean® Absorbable Hemostatic Particles, honored as “Zhejiang High-Quality Manufactured Products” and “ Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Products”, is prepared with potato starch as raw materials using emulsification crosslinking technology. Hemostasis is successfully achieved within 3 minutes and degradation in the bodies initiates after hemostasis and finishes within 7 days. Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose products, made from specialty fiber through oxidation and trimming, are smart hemostatics decomposed and absorbed synchronized with the healing process of human tissues and can be divided into gauze, fibrils and particles, useful for stopping capillary, venous or arterial bleeding.


lt’s medical gauze for surgery. The raw material is regenerated cellulose made from specialty fiber through oxidation and trimming.This smart hemostatic material can be decomposed and absorbed during the healing process ofhuman wound tissue.

Hemostasis is a crucial step in the operation process, and an effective hemostasis tool plays an important role in saving lives. Here, Surgiclean is the effective hemostatic gauze for various kinds of surgeries.



Surgiclean can be applied for general surgery, nail surgery, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery and gynecology.


Why choose Surgiclean?

1, Safe. Surgiclean is made of plant-based material, it’s of good biocompatibility, and low PH creates bactericidal environment

2, Absorbable. Surgiclean can be absorbed by our bodies within 7-30 days, it will leave no side effects to our bodies, it is biodegradable.

3, Effective. Hemostasis within 3 minutes.



2 ×3cm

3× 5cm

5 x 5cm

5 ×7.5cm

5 x8cm

5 ×10cm

5 ×25cm

5 ×30cm

5 ×35cm






It should be stored in clean, cool, dry and ventilated environment.



Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, We manufacture products in our factory located in Hangzhou.


Q: What’s your main markets?

A: Europe, Asia, Central and South America, MENA, etc.


Q: What is your delivery term?

A: We accept FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.


Q: What is the payment term?

A: We receive T/T, Western Union, Paypal, etc.


Q: Will you supply samples for test the quality?

A: We can send you paid or free samples for test , but the clients pay the express charge .

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