An Anti-adhesion Gel
An Anti-adhesion Gel
May 5, 2021
An Anti-adhesion Gel
Medical Surgical Anti-adhesion Irrigation Solution for Surgery
May 5, 2021

An Anti-adhesion Gel For Surgical Patients

Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Gel Being widely used for viscoelastic solution for ophthalmic surgery, joint protection of articular cartilage and anti-adhesion in abdominal and pelvic surgery, this line of products are animal-origin free medical polymer materials extracted and refined by high-tech bio-engineering from streptococcal fermentation metabolites with high viscoelasticity, lubricity, physical alterability and good biocompatibility.


1. What is Singclean ® anti-adhension Gel? This product is a biocompatible, absorbable, flowable gel composed of hyaluronic acid sodium salt and physiologically balanced salt. With no sulfate groups in its molecule and no covalent binding with the protein, it can exist as free chain in the body…

1. What is Singclean® anti-adhension Gel?

This product is a biocompatible, absorbable, flowable gel composed of hyaluronic acid sodium salt and physiologically balanced salt. With no sulfate groups in its molecule and no covalent binding with the protein, it can exist as free chain in the body for lubrication, moisture preservation and mechanical isolation, preventing adhesions.

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      2. When should consider Singclean® Anti-adhension Gel?

Used for the prevention and reduction of postoperative adhesions of the abdominal and pelvic surgery.


3.  How to use Singclean®:


4.  Important Safety Information

a.The product is sterilized and free from pyrogenicity, and must be operated in a sterile environment,

b.The product is single use only. Do not use if sterile packaging has been damaged

c.This product must not be in contact with drugs containing geramine chloride in order to avoid chaos

d.Must not be used for intravenous injection


5.  Why should use Singclean® Anti-adhension Gel?

The Singclean® gel has a longer retention time (7-14days) at the site of injury, which does not cause inflammation, nor inhibit wound healing.

The Singclean® gel is the most effective in preventing postoperative adhesions in the abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity. It can mechanically isolate the injured site and prevent the formation of fibrin reticular formation between the surface of the tissue.

The Singclean® gel is an effective way to prevent or reduce adhesions.

       6.  Application Comparison

– The 32 case of hysteroscopic surgery were randomly divided into two groups, A grout with hysteroscopy and sodium hyaluronate gel treatment, B grout with hysteroscopic treatment, patients were followed for three months. The results showed that the incidence of intrauterine adhesions in group A was significantly reduced, intrauterine adhesions is reduced also. Therefore, sodium hyaluronate can significantly reduce intrauterine adhesion after uterine surgery.

– Globle research reports indicate that sodium hyaluronate gel can significantly reduce the incidence of intrauterine adhesions and severity of adhesions in 1 month. Injection of sodium hyaluronate gel after intrauterine adhesions separation surgery caused a low incidence of adhesions, adhesions lesions relatively light.


7.    Company Profile

Hangzhou Singclean Medical Products Co., Ltd., established in March 2003 with registered capital of 80,000,000 RMB, is a national high and new technology enterprise integrating the R&D, production and sales of medical biomaterials. With well-qualified staff, thorough quality management system and first-class facilities, the company ensures the continuous production of medical devices and drug injection products of Class III that confirm to the laws and regulations of the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) and EU MDD.



8.   Certification




9.  Our Services

a. Supply different product made from Sodium Hyaluronate with high quality

b. 24 hours online services

c. OEM,ODM and Customized is available

d. Quickly delivery time

e. Quickly and professional after sales service

     10.  FAQ

      1. Q: What is hyaluronic acid?

A: Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a unique linear macromolecular mucopolysaccharide. It consists of glucuronic acid and n-acetyl glucosamine disaccharide units alternately connected together, the molecular formula is (C14H21NO11)n. The molecular weight changes between 105~107 based on different tissue of origin. HA is widely distributed in animal and human connective tissue extracellular matrix, with higher concentration in vitreous, umbilical cord, skin, cartilage and synovial fluid. We use bacterial fermentation to product HA material to avoid the risk of carrying virus and media from animal tissues or organs. HA is different from other natural mucopolysaccharide; HA molecule does not contain sulfate groups. It is also not covalently bound protein, and can exist free in the body as freedom chain. It is high viscosity gel for the anti-adhesion treatment.

     2. Q: Normally, how many methods for sterilizing? What is the application range for each method?  Which method we use for our products

A:The common sterilizing methods are moist heat sterilization, irradiation sterilization, eo sterilization (Ethylene oxide)and aseptic processing (Process control). Moist heat sterilization is used widely, Singclean anti-adhension Gel also use this method.

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