Surgiclean Collagen Essence

In 28 Days, Create Your Young Face

Marine fish scale collagen essence



Surgiclean Collagen Essence


Skin Problem:

Flimsy / Red and Swollen

Lack of Moisture

Dryness and tightness

Hard to Absorb Nutrient


Own Cosmetics R&D Center / Developed By a Professional PhD Team

“The soluble collagen added to this product is derived from fish scale collagen, which can really be absorbed by the skin. The texture is fresh and non-sticky, making the skin smooth, tender, and full again.”

Qiulin He    The Principal of Fish Scale Collagen Series
Graduated from Zhejiang University, published 9 SCI papers, applied for 2 patents, and participated in 2 national research projects.


Multi Collagen / Long-lasting Hydrating skin

Surface Skin Layer: Large Molecule Collagen- Hydrating and Forming a Protective Film on The Skin

Middle Skin Layer: Small Molecule Collagen – Relieves Sensitivity and Promotes Collagen Synthesis

Bottom Skin Layer: Collagen Polypeptide – Directly Reach The Bottom of The Skin, Repair The Skin, Make The Skin Moist and Elastic



  1. Anti-wrinkle and firming / Extract fish scale collagen, firm skin, and fade wrinkles
  2. Moisturize / Rich moisturizing factor moistens the Skin base, alleviates Skin dryness
  3. Red face repair / Use for about 4 weeks can effectively reduce the content of Couperose skin


Product Information:

Specification: 30g / bottle

Ingredients: Water, soluble collagen, glycerin, sodium citrate, etc

Efficacy: Moisturizing, Repairing, Anti-wrinkle, Firming

Note: Do not use it who is fish scale collagen allergy


Q: The order of using essence

A: It is recommended to use it before lotion or cream or mix it with regular skin care products, such as lotion, cream, body lotion, etc.                                                                     


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