Surgical Absorbable Hemostatic Material


By enhancing medical discovery, diagnostics, and care delivery we are serving as one of the major global providers of hemostatic material. We are transforming the world of health. By creating cutting-edge technology, services, and solutions that increase both clinical processes for healthcare practitioners and clinical therapy for patients. Our company supports the unsung heroes on the front lines of healthcare. Therefore, our 75,000 employees are passionate and dedicated to assisting in the improvement of hemostatic material quality.

By encouraging hemostasis, or the process of reducing bleeding, a surgical absorbable hemostat serves a critical role in surgical treatments. These substances are made to stop bleeding quickly and improve the body’s innate clotting abilities. Hemostatic material reduces blood loss during surgery and enhances patient outcomes by effectively closing off blood arteries and encouraging clot formation.


A particular kind of hemostatic substance that offers good hemostasis during surgical procedures is a surgical absorbable hemostat. It is not necessary to manually remove these hemostats because they are specifically made to be absorbed by the body over time. A surgical absorbable is often made of biodegradable substances that slowly dissolve and are metabolized by the body.

However, the capacity of the surgical absorbable hemostats to adapt to uneven tissue surfaces, ensuring successful hemostasis even in difficult surgical situations, is one of its key advantages. With the help of this capability, surgeons can precisely stop bleeding in hard-to-reach or -control locations. A surgical absorbable is common for its superb handling qualities. Thus, makes it simple for surgeons to manipulate and use them as required.


As reputable providers, we provide surgery practices that benefit greatly from the use of our surgical absorbable hemostats and hemostatic materials. These hemostats help to effectively control bleeding and improve patient outcomes due to their absorbable nature. They are a dependable option for surgeons. Due to their biocompatibility and safety profile, it enables them to carry out surgeries effectively and with confidence.

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