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For more than 60 years, we are serving as oxidized regenerated cellulose suppliers. However, compared to other hemostatic products sold under other brands, this one has been especially preferred globally. Oxidized regenerated loosely knit serves as a matrix for platelet attachment. Therefore, it has a potent bactericidal effect.

A special and cutting-edge substance called oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC) is frequently utilized in the medical industry. Mainly to encourage efficient hemostasis and wound healing. ORC is made from natural cellulose and chemically altered to improve its hemostatic and absorbent capabilities. Due to its effectiveness and safety in a range of surgical and therapeutic applications, this adaptable material has grown in popularity.


Application and uses

Using ORC to manage bleeding during surgical procedures is one of its main uses. Best oxidized regenerated cellulose promotes hemostasis by increasing the clotting process when it comes into touch with blood or body fluids. Thus, forming a gelatinous matrix that adheres to the wound site. This characteristic makes ORC a vital tool in reducing blood loss, especially in difficult surgical procedures, in situations of trauma, or in patients with coagulation abnormalities.

Additionally, ORC’s special mechanism of action extends through hemostasis. The cellular ingrowth supports the gelatinous matrix, which speeds up the healing of wounds. Top Oxidized regenerated celluloses encourage quicker epithelialization, granulation tissue development, and neovascularization. Perhaps, by fostering an environment that is conducive to tissue regeneration.


Oxidized regenerated (ORC) is what, exactly?

Oxidized cellulose regenerated (ORC), usually derives from natural cellulose, is a biocompatible substance.


What are some typical uses for oxidized, renewed cellulose?

ORC is common in healthcare and medical applications. During surgical procedures, it is the primary source of a hemostatic agent to reduce bleeding.


How does the hemostatic effect of oxidized cellulose work?

ORC absorbs blood or other biological fluids and turns them into a gel-like substance when it comes into touch with them.

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