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High Quality Antibody Test Kit Manufacturer in China

Hangzhou Singclean Medical Products Co., Ltd., is a prominent Chinese antibody test kit manufacturer. We always strive to offer our buyers quality and cost-effective medical products and their implementation. We remain aware of the fact that organizations work as per their agenda and contain a distinct size of operations. Thus, we provide antibody test kits at our esteemed platform for e-trade and commerce industries.


Quality Antibody Test Kit Manufacturer

We remain conscious of the quality we provide to our buyers through our test kits. As a quality-conscious antibody test kit manufacturer Dermal Filler Suppliers, we follow the following quality systems:

  • ISO13485 Medical Devices Quality Management System Certification
  • Medical Device Directive (MDD93/42/EEC)
  • ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification

Also, based on the above-mentioned quality management systems (QMS), Singclean Medical has set up a documentation-based QMS using audit results, quality objectives, data analysis, preventive and corrective actions, and management review to retain strict quality control.


We Know Customers’ Pain

The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm. It has swallowed so many lives and therefore, it created an emergency situation. To cope with the emergency scenario, we expanded our manufacturing capacity and went in to develop antibodies and other test kits to serve humanity for as long as we could.

Now, as a responsible antibody test kit manufacturer, we ensure we have enough stock in our warehouse to supply to our customers. Every life matters. Thus, we have uplifted the capacity of our manufacturing facility to prepare test kits to meet the consumers’ demands.


What We Foresee

We want to provide our clients with antibody test kits that are worth appreciation due to their structural expertise. As a new medical products company, we aim to conquer customer loyalty with our brand by hiring expert specialists that have a sense of passion for their work commitments.

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