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Surgical Absorbable Hemostat Material Manufacturer In China

Hangzhou Singclean Medical Products Co., Ltd., is among the leading surgical absorbable hemostat manufacturers in China. We desire to be the symbol of continuity, trust, and respect for all of our buyers in every sector with all the employees in the company.

Why Our Top Surgical Absorbable Hemostat

  • A surgical absorbable hemostat and antibody test kit are a medical material used for stopping minor and major bleeding after internal and external injuries,
  • Dental operations,
  • Traumatic cuts,
  • Ruptures split,
  • Surgical, or
  • Spontaneous Interventions.

These materials are known as the Hemostatic material plug, hemostatic agent, styptic, hemostatic matrix, and astringent.

Singclean Medical is manufacturing surgical absorbable hemostats with more than 20 years of medical equipment manufacturing experience. Every surgical absorbable hemostat is manufactured in local manufacturing facilities in Hangzhou.

We have a range of medical products to meet different demands and needs. Our Hemostatic material is manufactured compliant with State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) and EU MDD.

Relaible Hemostatic Material in China

The surgical absorbable hemostat that we produce has a highly strong texture. The robust texture of our Hemostatic material prevents every type of rupture in surgical interventions.

Singclean medical hemostats stop bleeding in nearly 3-4 minutes. It gets absorbed in implantation areas within 1-2 weeks without any tissue reaction.

The structure of every surgical absorbable hemostat is resistant to bacteria. Our surgical absorbable hemostats have bactericidal effects that fight against the majority of pathogen microorganisms.

Innovative Absorbable Thermostat Supplier

We believe in the adoption of responsible business practices that bring positive change to society. We are making a positive and significant contribution to our society. Our main purpose is to make difference constantly with our products in China and the global arena through our technology. All our activities regarding Research & Development are behind this vision of our company.

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