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  • Antigen Test Kit For Massive Screening

    Antigen Test Kit For Massive Screening

    Singclean Antigen Test Kit for Massive Screening is a solid phase immunochromatographic assay to detect antigen in human nasopharyngeal swab rapidly and precisely. Chat now for special discount:

  • At Home Mesotherapy Anti-Aging

    Hyaclean Hyaluronic Acid at Home Mesotherapy is rich in multiple hyaluronic acid with different molecular level, containing mini HA, low, medium and high molecular weight HA. High molecular HA weights stay on the surface to retain moisture while low molecular weights penetrate the skin to…

  • Collagen Essence

    Wanna to smooth away fine lines? Collagen essence of Hyaclean is here for you! This product is a concentrated essence made with smallmolecule collagen and collagen peptides which are easierfor skin to absorb, and then efficiently replenish the lostcollagen, enable skin cells to effectively…

  • Collagen Nourishing and Repairing Mask

    Why Collagen Mask? As a person ages, wrinkles and sagging skin occurs. And this is mainly caused by the loss of collagen. The good news is that you can directly apply collagen to the skin for supplements. There are different kinds of ways to boost collagen and the result varies from days to…

  • Collagen Nourishing And Repairing Mask Of Hyaclean

    As people is aging, wrinkles and sagging skins appears and people will looks elder. In purpose of solving such a problem, collagen nourishing and repairing mask of Hyaclean ® is launched by Singclean Medical. With the cooperation of the professor of Ocean University of China, this collagen…

  • Collagen Nourishing And Reparing Mask

    Hyaclean Collagen Nourishing and Reparing Mask of Hyaclean is for improving skin elasticity and lightening fine lines.

  • covid-19-rapid-antigen-test-kit

    COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test

    COVID-19 rapid test kit of Singclean is a rapid, accurate test for the early detection of the virus

  • Daily Using Natural Hyaluronic Acid Extract

    Hydrating is the basic and most important thing of skin care. So the daily using natural hyaluronic acid extract of Hyaclean ® is here for you to rewater your skin instantly. What’s your advantages? 1,Hyaclean ® is made from high purity hyaluronic acid. It can boosts the hyaluronic acid levels…

  • Facial Mask For Collagen Nourishing And Repairing

    Staying young and beautiful is everybody’s pursuit and collagen supplement play an important role in skin care. Collagen is a natural biopolymer, the main component of animal connective tissue, and also the most abundant and widely distributed functional protein in mammals, accounting for…

  • Hyaclean Collagen Essence

    This product is concentrated by small molecule collagen and collagen peptide which can be easily absorbed by skin. It can effectively replenish lost collagen, regenerate skin cells effectively, enhance skin elasticity and firmness, and make skin smooth and moist.

  • Hyaclean Hyaluronate Acid Extract

    Hyaluronic acid Extract 1.0ml*7pieces * In cooperatation with BD Uniject Vaccine Packaging * World’s first vaccine packaging applied in cosmetics * To ensure the purity of each drop

  • Hyaclean Hyaluronic Acid Extract For Hydration

    Women’s pursuit of beauty is endless, to moisturize your skin with hyaluronic acid, Singclean Medical launched the Hyaclean hyaluronic acid extract for hydration. Hyaclean is the medical-grade cosmetics, so it is quite safe to use and with no residues and side effects. It’s high purity…

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