Front Runners Among Antigen Test Manufacturers

Hangzhou Singclean Medical Products Co., Ltd., (Singclean Medical) is a Chinese biotechnology company that manufactures, and supplies high-quality antigen test kits to China and across the world. We are among the top antigen test kit suppliers, and we have the relevant manufacturing expertise in our industry.

Cost and Quality Goes Hand in Hand

We offer a high-quality but cost-effective antigen test kit. Our antigen kits are reliable for a wide range of targets, including Sar-Cov-2. We maintain our focus to expand our sales of rapid antigen test kit internationally by distributing our kits online.

Quality Control that You can Rely on

Singclean Medical has a comprehensive Quality Control (QC) system that follows international standards. We make sure of accuracy and top-quality test results through our antigen test kit. Also, our products are certified by State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) and EU MDD.
As one of the renowned antigen test manufacturers, we aim to offer the world high-quality rapid antigen test kit products. Our cost-effective test kits play a crucial role in the diagnosis of infectious diseases.
We are equipped with healthcare individuals and professionals with easy-to-operate rapid test cassettes for effective and fast diagnosis of related diseases.


We Have Come a Long Way

We initiated our venture in 2002 as a biotechnological products company to provide our clients with clinical products. Singclean Medical strives to offer its customers high-quality products and services for disease diagnosis.
We are aware of the fact that every health organization works with a different set of mind and has a distinct size of operations. Thus, we offer a relevant antigen test manufacturers at our platform for e-commerce companies.

Customer-Oriented Best Environment as Antigen Test Kit Suppliers

Our company has a dynamic environment, which ensures maximum focus on flawless testing kits to offer our clients productivity, required assistance, industrial expertise, high-quality, and specialized professionals. The amalgamation of skills, efforts, and experience set us apart from other antigen test kit suppliers.
We always believe that customer-oriented businesses flourish more and that too in an effective manner. Therefore, our main goal remains to offer satisfaction to our clients through our antigen test kit.

We Believe in Following the Trends

It is impossible to ignore the medical advancements happening around the globe. Many antigen test manufacturers are taking steps to enhance their overall business operations by adopting time efficiency systems. To compete with them we are raising our bar so that we satisfy the demand for rapid antigen test kit on time.

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  • 1 Test Kit Packing Antigen Test For COVID-19

    As the COVID-19 outbreaked, Singclean Medical has pushed all-in to research the medical methods to detect the COVID-19. Now, the antigen test for COVID-19 is available globally, based on the solid phase immunochromatographic assay, the antigen test for COVID-19 can detect the antigen in our body…

  • Antigen Covid Testing

    Antigen Covid Testing has a higher accuracy rate when the person is tested in the early stage of infection with COVID-19 when antigen level is generally the highest. So it is recommended to test on symptomatic persons within earlier days of symptom onset. Antigen levels in the later stage of…

  • Antigen COVID-19 Testing

    Antigen COVID-19 Testing 1,Introduction As the COVID-19 outbreaked, Singclean Medical has pushed all-in to research new products to detect the COVID-19. Now, the antigen COVID-19 testing is on sale globally, based on the solid phase immunochromatographic assay, the antigen test for COVID-19 can…

  • Antigen Diagnostic Kit For COVID-19

    Singclean Antigen diagnostic kit for COVID-19 is a solid phase immunochromatography assay and can be used as a fast detection tool for massive groups. By obtaining specimen from human nasopharyngeal cavity, Singclean antigen diagnostic kit shows the preliminary test result so the potential patients can be protected for the next detection. It is worth noting that this test kit is only a basic detection, which means it should not be the only evidence for diagnosis, and any reactive specimen with this product must be confirmed with alternative testing method and clinical findings.

  • Antigen Rapid Test For Coronavirus

    Since the Coronavirus has been spread all over the world, Singclean Medical launched the Antigen Rapid Test For Coronavirus to fight the epidemic! The antigen rapid test for coronavirus based on the solid phase immunochromatographic assay, it can detect the coronavirus of our bodies by detecting…

  • COVID-19 and FLU A B Antigen Rapid Test Cassette

    As the winter comes in the northern hemisphere, the COVID-19 and FLU A/B will spread much more rapidly. To solve such a problem, Singclean Medical has launched the COVID-19 & FLU A/B Antigen Rapid Test Cassette to battle the epidemic. The COVID-19 & FLU A/B Antigen Rapid Test Cassette…

  • COVID-19 Antigen Test Kit

    Singclean COVID-19 Antigen Test Kit for the rapid, qualitative detection of antigen virus in human specimen. This test provides only a preliminary test result. Therefore, any reactive specimen with the similar virus Test Kit (Colloidal Gold Method) must be confirmed with alternative testing method(s) and clinical findings.

  • COVID-19 Antigen Tester

    Singclean COVID-19 antigen test is based on the solid phase immunochromatographic assay, it is a rapid, precise and sensitive test kit for the detection of COVID-19 antigen of our swab sample.

  • One Step Coronavirus Antigen Rapid Test

    Introduction To help stop the spread of Coronavirus, Singclean Medical has developed two kinds of COVID-19 Antigen Test Kits, nasopharyngeal swab and saliva swab. Intended Use Singclean COVID-19 Antigen Test kit (Colloidal Gold) is a solid phase immunochromatographic assay for the rapid,…

  • Rapid Antigen Test For COVID-19

    Intended Use Singclean CE Marked COVID-19 Test Kit (Colloidal Gold Method) for Antigen Testing is a solid phase immunochromatographic assay for the rapid, qualitative detection of antigen from COVID-19 in human nasal swab specimen. This rapid antigen test kit is the second test kit developed by…

  • Rapid Antigen Test For Detecting COVID-19

    Singclean® IVD COVID-19 test kit is the rapid antigen test for detecting COVID-19 launched by Singclean Medical in purpose of fighting the epidemic. The antigen test is a new type of diagnostic test designed for rapid detection of the virus that causes COVID-19. Each category of diagnostic test…

  • Saliva Test For COVID-19

    This product , rapid antigen test for COVID-19, is able to be used for quick and large scale detections of coronavirus, which causes massive damage on the world. For the reason of dividing the porential patients from others, the Singclean antigen test uses colloidal gold method to detect the virus antigen in human saliva and shows result in minutes.Thus, our antigen test can be a preliminary detection for the public. But it doesn’t mean the product can be the only tool for the cronoavirus diagnosis. More alternative examination and clinical observation should also be considered inside once the test kit showing positive.

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