Most Effective and User-friendly Absorbable Hemostat for Your Clients

Hangzhou Singclean Medical Products Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Hemostatic material and the absorbable hemostat in China. We want to be the symbol of continuity, trust, and respect for all of our buyers in every sector, as well as for all of the company’s employees.

Why Medical Hemostatic Material of Singclean

An absorbable hemostat is a medical device that is used to stop minor and major bleeding following internal and external injuries,

  • Traumatic cuts,
  • Ruptures split,
  • Dental operations,
  • Surgical, or
  • Spontaneous Interventions

This stuff is known as the hemostatic agent, hemostatic plug, styptic, astringent, and hemostatic matrix.

With over 20 years of medical equipment manufacturing experience, Singclean Medical manufactures the absorbable hemostat and packets of Hemostatic material. Every hemostat is produced in Hangzhou by local manufacturers.

We have a variety of medical products including the absorbable hemostat to meet a variety of demands and needs. Our hemostats are made following the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) and the EU MDD.

Fast, Strong and Anti-bacterial

We make an absorbable hemostat with a very strong texture. Our hemostats’ robust texture prevents any type of rupture during surgical interventions.

Singclean’s surgical absorbable hemostat and medical hemostats can stop bleeding in as little as 3-4 minutes. It dissolves in implantation sites in 1-2 weeks with no tissue reaction.

Our structure of surgical absorbable hemostat is bacteria-resistant. The absorbable hemostat has bactericidal properties that combat the vast majority of pathogen microorganisms.

Reliable and Innovative Surgical Absorbable Hemostat Supplier

We believe in the adoption of responsible business practices that result in positive social change. We are making a significant and positive contribution to our society. Our main goal is to make a difference with our products in China and around the world by utilizing our technology. All of our R&D activities are aimed at achieving our company’s vision.


Qualified Staff

We have a skilled workforce that can provide high-quality Hemostatic material and packages of the surgical absorbable hemostat. Our staff understands how to manufacture it and make it affordable to the end-user.

The hemostatic material we use is created with the help of experts. To remain compliant, our staff ensures that we follow all applicable regulations.

As a forward-thinking surgical absorbable hemostat supplier, we are working hard to serve clients from outside of China. We are confident that we have the capacity and quality absorbable Hemostat material to meet the needs of our international customers.

We place a premium on our logistics department in order to provide seamless service to international buyers. Customers will be displeased if their orders are not delivered on time. As a result, we make certain that we never miss our delivery order time, especially for our hemostatic material product.

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    Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose

    High-Quality Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose Manufacturer

    Since 2002, Hangzhou Singclean Medical Products Co., Limited (Singclean) has been a reliable supplier of oxidized regenerated cellulose. We have the mindset and approach to growing exponentially while also making and keeping our customers happy.

    What Sets Singclean Apart

    Singclean understands that B2B customers have specific needs for their customers. We all know that every business has its own set of ideas and mindset, and that the term “standard” is almost non-existent. If you need a quote, we don’t just read off a list of products.

    What we do is set aside time to discuss individual circumstances, listen to relevant concerns, and provide personalized guidance based on the type of medical product that best meets their facility’s needs.

    Market Competitive Pricing

    Our best-selling product is oxidized regenerated cellulose. However, we recognize that a high price will not only turn off our clients and force them to go over budget, but it will also deprive them of a client-retaining item.

    As a result, we always offer a product price that is both affordable and converts a first-time customer into a repeat customer. This gives us morale boost to do more for our customers.

    Why Choose Us


    For over a decade, we have been supplying oxidized regenerated cellulose. Our unrivalled experience is founded on thorough and up-to-date research. We understand what our clients require and which industry sector requires this product. As a result, we have a complete understanding of market dynamics and user needs.


    We always hire qualified employees and engineers who understand what they are supposed to do. We hire experts who studied biology in school. Because we want a workforce that understands what oxidized regenerated cellulose is? Only then will they be able to provide our clients with the desired results.

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  • Absorbable Hemostat For Surgeries With CE
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