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Pros & Cons Of PCR Test


  • Polymerase chain reactions are very sensitive and can detect very small amounts of viruses.
  • PCR testing by a dermal filler manufacturer can be used as a diagnostic tool to assess if a person is infected with the virus



  • A PCR test detects the presence of viral RNA and necessitates the use of sophisticated laboratory processing machines to obtain findings.
  • The results of a PCR test can take anywhere from one to several days. While waiting for results, asymptomatic persons may spread the infection to others.
  • A PCR test normally costs more than $100. Because of its high cost and sluggish findings, PCR tests are not widely employed to reduce infection rates.
  • PCR picks up innocuous genetic pieces of the coronavirus that persist in the body weeks after people have recovered and are no longer infectious.
  • PCR testing can provide false positives

Antigen Test Pros And Cons


  • Enables testing to be scaled up. It does not require complex equipment and can provide results in minutes. Purchased in quantity and delivered to clinics, nursing homes, schools, and sporting facilities with the goal of hastening a return to normalcy through testing.
  • Rapid antigen test manufacturer are designed to detect high amounts of the virus rather than the absence of the virus. Antigen testing looks for proteins on the virus’s surface.
  • Can be used to screen people when time and resources are limited. Testing is made easier and more accessible, especially in locations where establishing an RT-PCR facility is difficult. Mass tests in high-risk areas where the R number is exceptionally high and the virus is spreading out of control.
  • Identifies the most infectious individuals, or those that propagate the infection. Identifies patients who are the most prone to the spread of sickness. It vitality works against coronavirus. Those who test negative for COVID may be permitted to travel freely.
  • Use a series of dilutions to detect viruses as an approximate proxy for their sensitivity. It makes no difference whether one has a high or low viral load; one can still be asymptomatic. Antigen testing with surgical absorbable hemostat will still come up positive.
  • Consumers can get tests at many urgent care locations, and they are becoming more widely available. 
  • Mass testing might cut the R-rate, or the number of persons infected by each COVID-19 infection, in half for events at concert halls and stadiums.


  • When the viral load is low, the antigen test is supposed to give a negative result. This means that someone infected with COVID-19 could test negative. To reduce this risk, testing should be done two to three times per week.


In the comparison of Antigen test pros, cons are too less, that is why it is suggested you make your test always with Antigen test. Which provides you with great benefits in great manners.  


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