Breaking News! Singfiller Available In Poland!
April 20, 2021
Singclean In ARAB HEALTH, The First Shot Of 2019 In UAE
April 20, 2021

IMCAS International Plastic Surgery and Skin Anti-Aging Medicine Conference, with 15 years of teaching and exhibition experience in the intersection of orthopedics and cosmetic dermatology, IMCAS Paris is the largest annual conference.

During Jan 31 – Feb 2, Singfiller® have meeting with more than 80 customers from 38 countries.

Singfiller® invite Ms. Yasmin from KT training UK to make speech for introducing Singfiller® to participants. Obviously, Singfiller® captures the audience's attention.

As fruitful achievements are made in IMCAS PARIS 2019, Singclean has turned out to be a global brand. We put quality at the first place and adhere to the improvement of medical industry.

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