Clinical Trailon Safety And Efficacy Of An Injectable Cross—linked Sodium Hyaluronate Gel For Moderate And Severe Nasolabial Groove
April 20, 2021
Singfiller Hyaluornic Acid Injection for Skin Care
April 20, 2021

PEG 20000 was selected as cross-linking agent to prepare cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel (CHA).Granulated CHA was obtained after a series of technologies:ethanol precipitation,drying,intermittent and instantaneous granulation,screening,redissolving and high-pressure steam sterilization.With the enzyme-resistant degradation rate of gel as index,effects of ethanol amount,drying temperature and drying time on preparation technology were investigated by orthogonal test.The optimum conditions of preparation technology were that the amount of 95% ethanol was 6.5 times of gel,drying the precipitation for 5.0h at 50.0℃。The enzyme-resistant degradation ratio of the granulated CHA was 80.53%,and the sodium hyaluronate(HA)hydrogel was 38.54%.

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