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April 19, 2021
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April 19, 2021

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming, and it seems that the town of my hometown is more lively than ever. The stalls on both sides of the street are spread out, reed leaves, calamus, Epeng, sachets... In addition, the meat stalls and the business of selling red dates and red beans have begun to flourish. The Dragon Boat Festival is coming, and the villagers pick their favorite things and bring them home.
On the Dragon Boat Festival, children often sing songs: May 5, buy a yellow croaker over the Dragon Boat Festival; insert Ai Ye, hang the sachet, also boil eggs and duck eggs; eat scorpions, sprinkle sugar, go to see the dragon boat. This song is always lingering in my ears.
When I was young, every year on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival every year, my mother always took a sickle to the pond behind the house and cut a few Ai Peng and the calamus growing on the water. After finishing, I inserted it into the door and the window of the house. And the scent of wormwood is very refreshing, very good smell, we will always approach, suck a few more with the nose, long cool, as if this taste will penetrate into the blood of the whole body. The mother said that wormwood can avoid all kinds of evil spirits, and the "devil sword" left by the ancient ancestors of the calamus. Later, I learned from the teacher that it was the dragon sword that was used in the Wei Zheng dream of the Tang Dynasty. According to legend, since then, all kinds of sinister evil spirits have been stunned. Therefore, the family of the Dragon Boat Festival in the country must be inserted into the calamus, which has been passed down to the present day.
The night before the Dragon Boat Festival, the country began to use hazelnuts to decorate the hazelnuts. Most of the dumplings used glutinous rice, and there were many kinds of bags. There were meat, red bean curd, white rice bran, soy sauce, and cereal. The wrapped hazelnuts are boiled in an iron pan. These dumplings have triangular braids, small feet, and squares. Boiled clams are usually burned with hard tree strips. When cooking the dumplings, put eggs and duck eggs, so that the cooked eggs have a scent.
On the morning of the Dragon Boat Festival, the scorpion and the egg must first respect the gods before they can eat. The children are the happiest, and everyone will spontaneously combine to fight the fighting. I don’t know how to fight eggs with my child. I always use the big side to fight with other eggs. The result is always a failure. The reason is very simple. There is space behind the cooked egg, and the pointed part is solid, so two When the eggs come together, the back part of the egg is always crushed. Some eggs are also painted in color with tigers or their own genus, and they are said to expel evil. Some have to use a thread or wheat straw to make a beautiful egg bag, put the egg in it, and then hang it on the chest.
After lunch at the Dragon Boat Festival, parents should bring a sachet to their child and put a colorful silk thread on their wrist. The sachet is made of wormwood, realgar, cotton, etc. You can use a variety of floral cloth heads to cut into two squares, fold them diagonally, sew them together with colored threads, and then use the yarns of various colors to make whiskers underneath. Hanging around the neck, it is both fragrant and beautiful. Mother often said: "This sachet is also to ward off evil, but also to prevent poisonous insects and snakes. This kind of hanging has to be cut off on the day of the Lunar Bridge on July 7th, and then thrown onto the roof. Mother will jokingly Said: "Magpies will bring these bags to the sky, and give them to the Cowherd and Weaver Girls to meet in the faint fragrance. So, every evening on the seventh day of July, we must throw the sachet on the tiles of the eaves and close our eyes when throwing. At night, I stared at the roof, hoping to see a magpie fly to take the sachet. When I grow up, I know that this is actually a good wish for the lovers of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl.
After the Dragon Boat Festival, there are often storytellings in the country's teahouses. Some artists will also shoot wooden blocks about the story related to the Dragon Boat Festival. They tell the Qu Yuan poet how to go to Luojiang, tell Wu Zi as the story of Guo Zhong’s selflessness, and tell Cao Yu how to become a filial daughter... These traditional stories often attract people to listen around, and they are never tired of listening.
Of course, during the Dragon Boat Festival, the hometown will brew some realgar wine for application to the child's nostrils and ears. It is said that the realgar can drive away the poisonous insects, and the children wiped the realgar. The poisonous insects all year round will not hide and bite, it is a safe protector.
The custom of the Dragon Boat Festival is a folk custom. As time goes by, some places have begun to disappear in the modern rhyme. But the Dragon Boat Festival folk culture tradition is eternal, always remembered in my childhood years, how can I not erase it...

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