Singclean Medical Organized 18th Anniversary Trail Walking to Increase Employees’ Healthcare Awareness
April 21, 2021
Singclean Medical In The Second Consumption EXPO
April 21, 2021

Chinese New Year, or the Spring Festival, is the most important Chinese traditional festival for family reunion, just like Christmas. It means the beginning of a new year. In Chinese culture, there are 12 zodiacs, and year 2021 is year of the ox. In Chinese, ox is read as “niu” (sounds like “new” in English). The Year of the Ox always means an excellent start and good things would happen especially in business and marriage.

As the spring festival is coming, Singclean Medical has sent gifts like fruits, drinks and local speciality foods to the staff to wish them and their family to have an abundant new year. Though, 2020 has been a tough year, Singclean Medical has kept the whole crew united and overcome all kinds of challenges. We launched the rapid antigen test kit and antibody test kit to fight the COVID-19 virus. The feedback from hospitals and clinics is very positive and we believe that the situation would get better and better through global effort.

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